Q) How do I schedule an appointment?
A) 303-847-9959 A simple phone call or text message will get us to come give a free estimate and we will see what time would be best for you.

Q) Do you do free estimates?
A) Yes we do! All that is needed is a phone number, address and time frame that works best for you.

Q) Do you clean screens?
A) Yes, as long as that is what you want.

Q) Do you have references?
A) Yes, we have many, just ask!

Q) Are you insured?
A) Yes, Covered for $1 million-2 million aggregate.


Window Cleaning Tips

The right way is to have S Window Cleaning, LLC. come, visit, and build a friendly work related experience while getting that glass to last a lifetime.

The wrong way is the spray on and wipe off technique. It is no good for glass to have dirt and grime smeared across it from all those chemicals that are in various sprays. Without the appropriate care of windows it can burn your glass long term. Recognizing that there is a right and a wrong way is pertinet to the approach.